How to say Thank you

Whether you are saying ‘Thank you” for a gift, a favour or to someone who hasthank_u brought meaning to your life, you want to be sincere with your gratitude. No one likes a ‘Thank you’ that sounds like an obligation or an afterthought. You may like to say thank you with a gift of something you know they would enjoy. If you’re unsure, flowers, chocolates and wine are generally well received.

Be sincere

When you want to thank someone that you’re with, be specific about why you’re saying thank you. Be honest and say what you really mean, even if it sounds a bit soppy. For example, you might say “Thank you for the beautiful family photograph you had framed for my birthday. I couldn’t justify the cost myself, but I’m so happy to have this hanging on the wall now, it’ll make me smile every time I see it.” If you want to show gratitude to someone who has impacted on your life in a big way, don’t be afraid to show your emotions to show how touched you are by their help.
If you’re saying thank you to someone who has gone out of their way to help you. Acknowledge the sacrifices they made, or the inconveniences they accepted in order to help you. Let them know that you appreciate that it may not have been easy for them to find the time to help.

If you are honest and sincere, this should show in your body language. Remember to give the person you are thanking your full attention, smile and maintain eye contact. Stand relaxed or you may look as if you don’t really want to say thank you.

Thank you by phone or letter

When you phone to say thank you to a friend, acquaintance or colleague, try to call when you’re not busy. Give the call your full attention. Your call can be short and still sincere.
Sending a text message is a good way of saying thank you without taking up more of your friends time. Be sincere and not overly enthusiastic as this may come across as insincere.

Sending a thank you by email should communicate your gratitude in the same way as a letter. Write ‘Thank you’ as the subject and follow the usual conventions of writing a letter. This shows that some thought and effort has gone into your words.

You may want to mail a thank you card. Whilst thank you cards are a more formal way to say thank you, they are good for thanking wedding guests for gifts or thanking professionals who have helped you at work, at college or after hospital treatment.