How to make your partner happy

We are our partner’s biggest fans, but sometimes we don’t act like it! Life’s pressures have a way of impacting on our relationships, but a simple rule for happy couples is to have 5 positive interactions for every 1 misunderstanding.

Start Dating Again

couple talkingHappy couples talk more. Make a commitment to your partner to go out at least once a week. The date doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a picnic to the park, go for a walk at a local beauty spot or stop at a coffee shop for a latte and cake. Repeat one of your dates from when you first met, go to the theater, a movie or have a romantic meal for two.

If childcare is an issue, simply put the children to bed early and just talk. Turn off the television, phones, computers and other distractions. Leave talk about finance and work difficulties for another time.

Give positive affirmations every day

Positive actions often lead to positive reactions. Give your partner a compliment. Show your appreciation for something big or small whether that’s putting the garbage out or cooking a meal. Encourage your partner with whatever positive change they are making in their life. Be your partner’s biggest cheerleader.

Celebrate your partner’s triumphs

trStrengthen your relationship by celebrating your partner’s triumphs. Show enthusiasm, ask questions, give congratulations and relive the experience with them. Celebrate achievements with a gift to mark the occasion. A piece of jewellery, an upgrade or addition to their collection or hobby shows that you’ve put thought and effort into celebrating your partner’s success.

Create new experiences together

Couples who have new experiences together feel more loving and supportive towards each other. Go for a walk together, visit the new restaurant in town, explore a place you’ve never been, cook together or sign up for a dance class together. Experiences which are new and exciting or where you share laughter are wonderful ways to be happy and connected. If you’ve been together for 25 years then these silver wedding anniversary gift ideas will be handy and useful.

Do good things daily

ggSimple things, like bringing your partner a morning cup of coffee while they are still in bed, giving a back rub, preparing dinner, writing an appreciative note or taking on a chore that your partner normally does, builds intimacy and closeness in your relationship like nothing else.

Fight Fair

There are times in everybody‚Äôs life that conflict will arise. When you fight, defuse the situation with humour, expressing affection and conceding on certain points your partner makes. If you are defensive, tune out, roll your eyes, criticise or resort to name-calling it’s time to change. Avoid blaming, but use statements such as ‘I feel’ and ‘I need’ instead of ‘you should’ or ‘you can’t’.